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Are you Willing to Take 30 Minutes for 5 Days to Create a More Meaningful Life ?




* Do you need to reduce your stress levels?  Are you narky (bad tempered)at home?


* Do you suffer from anxiety?


* Do you want to find your work more meaningful?


* Do you have difficulty sleeping?

* Do You need to re-ignite your relationship with your partner?

* Do you feel your life is a constant treadmill without much feeling of happiness?

* Do you ever wonder "how did this happen to me? I had so many plans" or feel your life your life has gone off track?

*Do you want to learn how to discover more meaning in even the mundane tasks in your life?

You are not alone! Don't Lose Your Mojo!

For so many years now, I have been interested in how we can all live fulfilling lives, how we can grow to be our best selves and have a really  positive impact on the world. If you are like me, you want to arrive at your final day on this Earth with a sense of completion and satisfaction with what you have achieved and the person you have become.  You know, so often adults are embarrassed to say that they want to make the world a better place –and make themselves a better person -  as if it’s too idealistic, too childish to even consider.  But this is just social shyness.  Cynicism is the easy option - or should I say the easy opt-out.  It risks nothing - but gets you nowhere.  Anyone who doesn’t want to have an impact on the world and make the world around them better is losing their mojo already and really needs to take action! Change,  growth and learning is what we are here for!

I cried on Sunday evenings.......

But I do know what it feels like to feel that life is simply running on autopilot.  There were times in the past when I cried on a Sunday night, dreading facing in to another working week.  Even in a different job, I still felt trapped, it felt like we were all behaving like little robots going in and out of our offices, day after day. Every day was like Groundhog day! In hindsight, I know now that that were ways I could have found meaning at work and in my personal life – but that’s because of what I have studied. And now I have put together all of that learning in this course which I have made as concise as possible - because I know your time is precious and you want to learn and take action fast.  So come join me and lots of others who believe in personal growth and living a life with impact.  

Just to give you a bit of information about my background....

I am a Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness meditation teacher,  Coach, Speaker and Author or two books.  My second book "The Seven Day Soul: Finding Meaning Beneath the Noise" was published in February 2019 and again in January 2020.  I'm also a Mum, wife, cat and dog owner, daughter, sister, friend, and a big fan of dancing (best done in privacy of my kitchen), attempting to sing, avid non-fiction reader,  runner/plodder (God loves a trier), amatuer fisher-woman and sea swimmer (not at the same time) and am about to try my luck at sailing  (which may well turn in to sea swimming again).  My first book, called "Fabulous Jelly: Use Your Brain To Lose Weight" was published in  2013 and detailed my own struggles with weight and how I lost over 48lbs. It's an ongoing thing.  

I have written for / been a guest on / in lots of publications, but here are a just a few examples...






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