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Have you ever set a Goal, or a New Year’s Resolution you didn’t achieve?
Thought so. Me too. 
And for the record – also just about everybody on the planet.......

If you have listened to any episodes of the A Tweak a Week Podcast you will know that we are all about Goal Setting, Behaviour Change, Motivation, Personal Development and all the good stuff – I absolutely love all of these topics – especially Dreaming Big – Really Big for Personal Change for your Mind, Body and Spirit.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting yourself BIG personal achievement Goals and New Year’s Resolutions – in fact, I believe that Personal Growth and Achievement is what we are here for.  Making it our responsibility to fulfil our potential gives meaning to our daily lives.........  

Process Goals

But the mistake we make over and over again is what goals we set.

Of course we need to have an image in mind of our final Goal and yes, as you probably know already, it needs to be SMART:



Time Limited



You Probably Know This Already.

But the mistake we all make over and over again in Goal Setting is not focusing on the Process Goals – the tiny, seemingly boring, non-glossy steps along the way that start



Girl with Snowman

We’ve got to link what we do TODAY with our outcomes in the future because, here’s the scarey thing….

We Are Always Becoming More of Something!

Today's actions shape tomorrow, making future repetition easier. They should align with personal success goals to move you closer to achieving them.

We all want to focus on the glossy end goal don’t we?  It looks exciting and a whole new version of ourselves.   The only problem is it’s Over There → waaaaay in the distant future,

completely unconnected to what we have to do TODAY, NOW, PRONTO, IMMEDIATAMENTE.

That’s where Process Goals come in – and where

A Tweak A Week comes in to it’s own. 

In the A Tweak A Week Podcast, we chat with researchers and academic experts in all things to do with Personal Goal Setting, Motivation and the Science of Achievement for your Mind, Body and Spirit, to make sure you have all the top information to keep you on track and motivated to continuously stretch for your Personal Potential.

So, if you are passionate about your Personal Progress, Goal Setting and Living a Life that Feels True To Yourself, constantly moving towards your Greatest Potential, then we want to know you! 

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