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Relaxation and Help Just for You

Relaxation Anyone?!  Right here you'll find relaxation recordings that you can download and enjoy whenever you need to.  Just click and close - your eyes that is!  Just remember that these recordings should never be played while driving, operating machinery or at any time where your attention is required  - because they are seriously relaxing.....

Busy Busy!

Here on this page we are busy building a page that offers you loads of choice in relaxation exercises, whether you need a really quick de-stressor without anyone noticing, or something to bring you in to a deep and lovely good night's sleep.  

So while we're working on it. why not try our first ten minute Introduction to Relaxation FREE of charge below.  Have yourself a gloriously relaxing beach walk on us!

Remember that we are all different ( which is kind of great) so as we build, you will be able to find downloads with various types of music, visuals and strategies for deep, restorative relaxation.  In the meantime, let us know your favourite place to visit in your mind and type of music and we'll do our best to make it for you!  Let us know at or on our contact form.

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