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The Seven Day Soul

'Finding Meaning Beneath the Noise'

"An important book about the benefits of living a life grounded in spiritual principles.  I strongly enocurage everyone to read it"

Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup For the Soul series

My most recent book, "The Seven Day Soul" was published in February 2019, and republished in January 2020.  It includes a beautiful contribution written by Irish President, President Michael D. HIggins.  (You can see a short excerpt of this in the opening video at the top of the Home page).


In The Seven Day Soul, I bring together the considerable body of research  which  shows that spirituality ( atheistic, religious, naturalistic, all kinds) is a vital part of wellbeing and therefore something we must consider in all aspects of public life, including the health and education systems, architecture and the design of public spaces, the workplace, and in government.

Seven Day Soul Front Cover Image.png

I argue that for too long we have considered spirituality to be a private matter that we should not talk about.  But as the  research shows it to be highly relevant to health, then it is certainly personal, but it is not a private matter.  In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) lists spirituality as a dimension of health.

Whether you are struggling to find meaning in your job, to raise your children with an awareness of their existential needs, or simply want to learn more about what the research says about spirituality and health, The Seven Day Soul serves as a valuable source of information.

"It has never been more important to know what makes us human than in this new age of AI.  Susannah shares my passion for the importance of self-transcendence, relationships and a life lived in the service of others. These are the keys to a meaningful life. Read it, share it, live it."

 Keith Ferrazzi, Speaker, Author of Never Eat Alone


Available in All Good Book Shops.  Signed Copies available by emailing me via the Contact Page

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