The Nature of Spirituality

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

“The true nature of spirituality and meaning is found in the nitty-gritty of life –

not rarefied or exalted, but at our disposal in responding to life’s everyday,

ordinary challenges”

Our spiritual beliefs may be filled with doubt, confusion, flux, change. This is

not a weakening spirituality. For as long as we consider, think, review and

assimilate and search for the deeper meaning of our world, we are

strengthening our spiritual self. It is never too late to grow.

For too many people their spiritual or religious life is kept simply for the rituals

of life’s big events: birth, marriage and death – the hatching, matching and

despatching of life. But spirituality can offer us ways to cope with our

everyday frustrations. It turns the nitty-gritty into a training ground for a

better version of ourselves. When what we have accumulated and achieved

no longer fulfils us nor inspires us, then we need to consider our Spiritual

Evolution – the development of ourselves outwards in service to others and

the world. It is here that we will find the happiness we have been searching


We all consider ourselves to be “above average” in being kind and loving. We

can’t all be right.

Love is not just an emotion. It is the cornerstone of human evolution.

Like the tree that falls in the forest when no one hears it, love travels like

sound waves, a fundamental part of the fabric of the universe. Like sound

arriving in the human ear creates the sensation of sound, love’s waves are