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Spirituality for Health and Flourishing

Sat, 23rd March, 2024

A One Day Workshop of reflection and reorientation towards your life's path, gently guided by practices from the Christian and other faith traditions.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is for everyone who wants to find new (and some very ancient) ways of practising their spirituality, while taking some time to realign themselves with their desires for the life they want to have lived.

The workshop will use spiritual practices from the Christian and other faith traditions which offer us new ways to enhance our spiritual lives.

This event is for those who feel that life has "gone off track", who feel bored or burned out, for people who believe "There is Something Greater than ourselves", for everyone who asks "What do we do if we don't go to church?" and for those who are open to learning more.

9.30am - 5pm

COST: 90 euro .

(Contact us for preferred residential room rates too!)

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