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Whether you are here to find out more about my one-to-one coaching clinic, my Corporate Wellness training in Mental Health, my books, retreats or media work, thanks for visiting and I hope you will find what you're looking for on these pages - if not, just give me an e-shout  on

I have found over the years that nearly all the topics I help with come under 3 headings:

The examples in the diagram above aren't an exhaustive list of all the many ways that upset, confusion, anxiety and crisis can show up in our lives.  But our mental lives impact all 3 areas of our physiology, our behaviour and our existential health.  That's why making the time to have a chat can really help clarify the root of a problem and it's solution.  Often people benefit from just a chat at the end of a workshop or a one-to-one coaching session.  So often people start with "I'm not really sure I even need to speak to a psychologist..." and leave with so much more clarity.So if you would like to speak with me to book a chat or presentation, just send me an email or use our Contact page. 

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Animated VideoCourse: 5 Days to More Meaning™

  Just 30 minutes a day for 5 days - because we get straight to what you need to know! 


Animated Video training, so you can learn at your leisure!

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Why Coaching
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5 Days to More Meaning

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Corporate Wellbeing: Holistic HR

Some of the companies I have worked with

Despite the increase in our collective mental health awareness, the struggle for work-life balance and the levels of fatigue and burnout show no sign of abating.

I work  with corporate clients to design workshops, training programmes and in-house research studies to help them to arrive and deliver realistic and appropriate responses to the needs of each organisation.

Themes for my speaking engagements are arrived at in cooperation with each client but some examples of topics I speak about include:


Finding Meaning: The Next Frontier of Workplace Wellness


Mental Health Awareness:  

The 10 Top Need to Knows


Mental Health Team Training


Flow, Focus, Mindfulness, Sleep and more.. 

The Best Modes of Mind for Work, Rest and Play

Building The Habits You Want In Your Life


Work-Life Balance: The Challenge and Opportunities of  Hybrid Living


The 5 Most Important Steps to Better Sleep -The Foundation For EVERY Other Thing You Do In Your Day.


Creating the Meaning-Centered Workplace


 Leadership  for the Times Ahead - Servant Leadership


Mindfulness for Innovation and Resilience

For bookings, or simply to chat further, please use the Contact form page.

Style of coaching
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Psychology Coaching Clinic.

Every day I work with fantastic people who want a little help in some aspect of their life, some time to review or gain insight, or who want a little nudge in the right direction.

The topics we cover are varied, but include:

  • HypnoBirthing (hynosis for Childbirth)

  • Pain Management (also using hypnosis)

  • Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (NHS based Protocol)

  • Managing Anxiety

  • Managing Stress at work and home

  • Career Review and meaningful living

  • Mindfulness Meditation Training and Courses

If you would like to book an appointment, or to chat about a concern, please email me at


Sessions Cost €85  Online Sessions Cost: €65


For session payments please click here 

The Seven Day Soul™

"Finding Meaning Beneath the Noise"

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