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This site ( which is also known as is for people like me who want to want to really flourish in life,
to live their life consciously, rather than just wandering through life
with no sense of personal purpose or direction. I want this site to
build a passionate community of like-minded people who want to live
a life that is personally meaningful, where they feel like their life is a
“good fit” for who they are, their strengths and values.


We all want to be happy and there’s nothing wrong with that. But
research shows that the very act of chasing happiness, pushes it
further away from us because there is always something else that we
will want next. Meaning in life, on the other hand, is a more long-
lasting contentment, a feeling that our life matters in the bigger picture
of things. Unlike happiness, we can have meaning in our lives even
when we are sick or struggling with what life throws at us.
A large part of my work, in addition to my online coaching, involves
speaking to companies around all aspects of mental health and
Meaning, in Wellness Weeks, Lunch & Learns, Management Away Days, Focus Days etc .


(You can see some of the multiple topics I
speak about in the Corporate Health section of my “Workshops”
page.) Quite often at the end of a workshop, I meet people who within
a few sentences of speaking to me in person, are struggling to hold
back tears because of the pressure they are living under.


I have also suffered this pressure and remember a time when I used
to cry on a Sunday evening, dreading facing in to another working
week. I know the feeling of thinking “what am I doing this for? What’s
the point?”. And now I spend my time helping others, some of whom
are starting out in life and want to design a career with meaning, stay-

at-home parents who want to feel more fulfilled and teach their kids
how to find meaning in their lives, people who feel trapped in their
jobs who want to connect what they do with their life’s purpose,
companies who want to create a more meaning-centred role for key
employees when the money doesn’t matter anymore, and retirees
who are struggling to find their purpose after employment.


No matter where you find yourself in life, a more meaningful,
contented and fulfilling life is available to you. I am a psychologist,
mindfulness meditation teacher, a writer, speaker and author. (You
can find out more about me and my books on the “About” page). I
hope you will find something that helps here on these pages, and
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to a More Meaningful Life” and to be notified of my upcoming courses.
Or, you can contact me by email if you’d like to chat further. I love
speaking to people about this stuff!

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Animated VideoCourse: 5 Days to More Meaning™

  Just 30 minutes a day for 5 days - because we get straight to what you need to know! 


Animated Video training, so you can learn at your leisure!

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5 Days to More Meaning

Corporate Wellbeing: Holistic HR

Despite the increase in our collective mental health awareness, the struggle for work-life balance and the risks of burnout show no sign of abating.

I work  with corporate clients to design workshops, training programmes and in-house research studies to help them to arrive and deliver realistic and appropriate responses to the needs of each organisation.

Themes for my speaking engagements are arrived at in cooperation with each client but some examples of topics I speak about include:

'Toil Glamour', Meaning-Making and Existential Health in the Workplace

Moral Distress Purpose Anxiety and the new Mental Health Responsibilities for Employers

The Neurobiology of Change - for work and life

Managing the Minutes

Work-Life Balance

Sleep Easy: Healthy Habits for a good Sleep

Creating the Meaning-Centered Workplace

Servant Leadership

Cognitive Agility - The World Economic Forum's Top 10 Skills

For bookings, or simply to chat further, please use the Contact form page.

Online & In Person Coaching & Downloadables

Stop Smoking

A group -based online coaching and support programme,

with twice weekly evening coaching calls for  six weeks.  Next course starting soon.

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Coming Soon!  You have spoken and I'm listening!  I am currently preparing a new series of 

downloadables to help you with what matters to you most.  The news series will include

"Sleep Easy"

"Relaxation for Pain"

"Loving Mondays: Setting Your Alarm for Meaning"

If there is a topic you would like me to prepare a downloadable for, let me know by emailing me or through the Contact page.

The Seven Day Soul™

"Finding Meaning Beneath the Noise"


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