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Corporate Wellbeing: Holistic HR

Despite the increase in our collective mental health awareness, the struggle for work-life balance and the risks of burnout show no sign of abating.

I work  with corporate clients to design workshops, training programmes and in-house research studies to help them to arrive and deliver realistic and appropriate responses to the needs of each organisation.

For bookings, or simply to chat further, please use the Contact form page.

Online Coaching & Downloadables

Weigh Way Less

The Weight Loss Coaching Club:  An online coaching and support group format 

club for anyone who wants to lose a few or several pounds.  Includes twice-weekly coaching sessions 

private Facebook group, personal motivations and a copy of "Fabulous Jelly: Use Your Brain To Lose Weight".  Course dates and times for January 2020 will be published here soon.

Stop Smoking

A group -based online coaching and support programme,

with twice weekly evening coaching calls for  six weeks.  Next course starts Jan 2020. 

Check back soon for dates, times and sign up.


Coming Soon!  You have spoken and I'm listening!  I am currently preparing a new series of 

downloadables to help you with what matters to you most.  The news series will include

"Sleep Easy"

"Relaxation for Pain"

"Loving Mondays: Setting Your Alarm for Meaning"

If there is a topic you would like me to prepare a downloadable for, let me know by emailing me or through the Contact page.


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