Since the Covid -19 pandemic a huge societal shift is taking place across the globe, with millions of people having left or changed employment and millions of others planning to do so in the coming months (McKinsey, 2021).  HR professionals expect the trend to continue.  The days of transactional employment are long gone and perks such as gym membership or subsidised canteens are no longer enough to attract and keep organisational talent.  Job seekers want to know your "Employer Brand".  A recent survey (Linkedin Blog Stats, 2022) showed that 74% of people wanted their employer to become more actively involved in the cultural debates of the day.  


It is time to engage our Spiritual Capital

Looking after the Spiritual / Existential health of employees is the new currency of HR.  This care is multi-dimensional in nature and requires new learning for most team leaders and indeed employees.  People need to learn about their existential health needs in order to tackle the growing problem of burnout, exhaustion, addiction, absenteeism and depression.

Looking After Our Existential Health:
A large part of my work, in addition to my online coaching, involves speaking to companies on topics such as:

*  meaning and  purpose

*  engaging spiritual capital in teams

*  organisational citizenship

*  spiritual dissonance and burnout

** spiritual disorders at work (some of which have been addressed in the European law courts). 


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5 Days to More Meaning

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Corporate Wellbeing: Holistic HR

Despite the increase in our collective mental health awareness, the struggle for work-life balance and the risks of burnout show no sign of abating.

I work  with corporate clients to design workshops, training programmes and in-house research studies to help them to arrive and deliver realistic and appropriate responses to the needs of each organisation.

Themes for my speaking engagements are arrived at in cooperation with each client but some examples of topics I speak about include:


'Toil Glamour', Meaning-Making and Existential Health in the Workplace


Moral Distress, Purpose Anxiety and the new Mental Health Responsibilities for Employers


The Neurobiology of Change - for work and life


Managing the Minutes to Make the Changes You Want For Your Life


Work-Life Balance


Sleep Easy: Healthy Habits for Good Sleep


Creating the Meaning-Centered Workplace


Servant Leadership - Helping Teams Soar


Cognitive Agility - The World Economic Forum's Top 10 Skills

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Every day I work with fantastic people who want a little help in some aspect of their life, some time to review or gain insight, or who want a little nudge in the right direction.

The topics we cover are varied, but include:

  • Managing Stress at work and at home

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Creating habits that stick

  • Career review and making a change

  • Achieving your Life’s Potential

  • Managing chronic pain ( also using hypnosis)

  • Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (NHS based Protocol)

  • Managing Anxiety

  • Mindfulness for Focus and Calm

If you would like to book an appointment, or to chat about a concern, please email me at info@susannahhealy.com


Online sessions Cost €65


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The Seven Day Soul™

"Finding Meaning Beneath the Noise"

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