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Epson Px660 Adjustment Program Free Download.rarbfdcm !FULL!

Q: Trigger with one to many relationship I have a view with a parent element and a child element. The parent element has a field called status. The child element has a status field as well and i would like to use the value of the parent element to update the child. The value of the parent element is in the status_code field. How can i update the status_code field of the child element? My trigger: Trigger updateChildStatusCode on Bank_Account__c (after update) { Map parentToChild = new Map(); for (Bank_Account__c child : { if (child.status__c == 'Provisional') { parentToChild.put(, child); } } for (Bank_Account__c parent : parentToChild.values()) { Bank_Account__c parentchild = parentToChild.get(; parentchild.status_code__c = parent.status_code__c; } } A: If you can use the trigger api, you can use something like: Map parentToChild = new Map(); for (Account child : { if (child.status__c == 'Provisional') { parentToChild.put(child.Id, child); } } for (Account parent : parentToChild.values()) { update parent.status_code__c; } Prevalence and risk factors for Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection among HIV-positive injection drug users in Côte d'Ivoire. There are few data regarding Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly among HIV-positive injection drug users


epson px660 adjustment program free download.rarbfdcm

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Epson Px660 Adjustment Program Free Download.rarbfdcm !FULL!

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